Anschutz Granite Bench Memorial

Bench Monuments For Cremation

Some couples have very different ideas on how they would like to be entombed. For situations like this, the cremation bench monument is perfect. One person’s cremains can be held in a stunning urn either above the main pillar or as a leg of the bench. 

We are happy to accommodate your personalization requests when it comes to building the perfect memorial. We love to work on new ideas and will make the stone work for you. 

Macqueen Traditional Pedestal Bench

Cremation Bench Design

When you start to design the bench that will honor you for eternity, the first thing is to decide on your style. Do you want it to look solemn and dignified? Or do you want a bit of whimsy thrown into the mix? After all, your loved one was an individual who definitely had his or her own sense of humor and personality.

Landmark Memorial is here daily to help you make those hard decisions and we are excited to work with you. Have an inspired design you haven’t seen before? We would love to build it!

Clark Bench

The Clark Bench was built for the loving couple Melvin and Virginia Clark. With so many design choices at hand, they decided a cremation bench would suit them best. The large pillar in the center of this memorial can hold cremains while each seat memorializes a piece of this couple. You can see they also chose to decorate the vases at either end of the memorial with an important part of each one’s life. 

The attention to detail added to this memorial will be used to honor your loved one when you build with Landmark Monuments. 

Clark Granite Upright and Bench
Tree Bench

Size and Price

The regular size of a single Bench Memorial is 36″ by 24″ by 4″ for the seat and the legs make the design 24″ tall. The length of a bench jumps to 48″ when a companion Bench Memorial is built. 

Most Cremation Benchs are priced between $2,000- $6,000. As with any personalized item, the more intricate and unique your design the more you can expect to pay for it. Our promise to you is that we will always be straightforward about what you are paying for and keep your cost lower than a funeral home would.  

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