Bench Upright Dual Monument

Many times there is more to say than anyone design can hold. This is the perfect time to employ the Bench Upright Dual Monument. With an upright portion to allow ample room for traditional epitaph and inscription along with a bench to allow visitors time to grieve, this design covers all bases. 

With added design choices and functionality, a bench upright dual monument is unique among a sea of headstones. This mashup is a great choice for those that have a lot to say and want a listening ear. 

French Bench Upright Memorial

This French Estate Bench Memorial is a unique use of the Bench Upright combination. The upright headstone design uses a rock pitch finish to clearly bring the rugged mountain theme out.

All told, this memorial design honors this couple both formally with the upright section and more intimately with the bench.

French Custom Bench Memorial
Gould Double Bench Wing Design

Gould Bench Upright Memorial

Aaron Gould had so much to say and do in his 24 short years. His distinctive memorial will tell you about his accomplishments. The bench sections will allow you to stay awhile and take in his story. 

You will notice that two vases were also added to this design to allow all the love that was missed to be shown to Aaron. Family and friends alike still visit this soul, lost much too soon. 

Size and Price

The regular size of a single Bench Memorial is 36″ by 24″ by 4″ for the seat and the legs bring the seat 14″ tall. The length of a bench jumps to 48″ when a companion Bench Memorial is built. And most upright portions of the design are 48″ or shorter.

Most Bench Upright dual monuments will cost between $3,000- $8,000. As with any personalized item, the more intricate and unique your design the more you can expect to pay for it. Our promise to you is that we will always be straightforward about what you are paying for and keep your cost lower than a funeral home would.  

Heart Shaped Bench Monument

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