Suckla Bench and Upright

Companion Upright Grave Marker 

When companions choose to be buried next to one another, their memorial design choices grow exponentially. With two plots so close to each other, the monument that can be created can be much larger and much grander. 

Usually, these headstones are built for a couple so their wedding date will be memorialized along with their birth and death dates. These types of monuments are just another testament to the love they shared and which lives on in their family. 

Jordan Monument Design

The Jordan monument is a timeless testament to the life shared between this couple. Norman and Delores shared their love and intend to continue to in the afterlife. The calla lily depicted symbolizes their belief in rebirth and resurrection. 

The bible verse also stands to honor the faith these loved ones held so closely. The thoughtful design with the use of the small bench speaks to the thought put into this personalized memorial. 

Jordan Heart Shaped Bench Monument
Gould Spanning Mountains Memorial

Gould Mountain Monument

The Gould Mountain monument uses a bench to bridge the gap between two upright monuments with roughened edges to mimic that of a mountain. This distinctive design is eye-catching and personal. 

There are a number of differences we learn about these companions just from their memorial and it does seem that they were opposite at least in religion. That said, this memorial stands to give you that picture and we hope to build a similarly complete picture for your loved one. 

Questions to help you design a grave marker

  • What was their favorite color? – We likely have a granite color option that will suit them nicely.
  • What did they most like to do while living? – We can incorporate a vast number of memorial scenes to help tell their story.
  • Did they have a favorite flower? – We can carve just about any 3-dimensional bouquet they might have fancied.
  • Did they have a particular place that they called home? – Some of our nature scenes can be adapted to any landscape they used to roam.
  • Did they have an animal that most represented them? – With our laser etching techniques, even the finest details of the lion’s mane can be seen from afar.
  • Was there something big that they accomplished in life? – Military Medals and other awards can all accolades can all be used to help tell their story.

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