Green Hill Cemetery, Laramie

About Green Hill Cemetery, Laramie

Rules: Cut flowers, potted plants, wreaths, and blankets shall not be allowed on grave lawns for a period of longer than three days, except during the winter months of December through March. Also, the staff will not remove any items from grave spaces for the two weeks after Memorial Day to allow owners to collect items they wish to keep. The deadline for removal of items by the owners is June 15th every year. Beginning June 16, the cemetery staff will remove all items that are not placed upon a substantial base.

Flowers, planted pots, or wreaths may be left indefinitely on plots if placed upon a permanent base or foundation (typically concrete), which should be part of the monument and should be flush with the ground level and extend at least four inches beyond all sides of the flower, plant, wreath or vase in place on such foundation or base. Please note that cemetery lot owners are responsible for their own vases and containers.

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