Loveland Burial Park, Loveland

About Loveland Burial Park, Loveland

When Loveland was founded in 1877, the city needed a cemetery, so on Feb. 5, 1880, W.B. Osborn and G.W. Litle signed the incorporation of Lakeside Burial Park. The prominent Timpke-Osborn family owned the cemetery until 1919 when the city purchased and took over its management.

The first burial in the park took place in 1880 for Elizabeth Burdette, but the oldest grave is for Joseph McFadden, who died in 1877. His grave was moved from the Old St. Louis Cemetery.

Judge W.B. Osborn moved the Big Thompson Cemetery, later known as the Old St. Louis Cemetery, to Lakeside in 1884. The Timpke-Osborn family had erected a two-ton headstone for their family lot that contained eight plots.

In 1912, Wilbert Stiles, wealthy land and water owner started Loveland Burial Park nearby. Mayor Archibald Foster wanted the city to operate both cemeteries as one, so the city purchased Loveland Burial Park in 1919, the same year the city received the deed of transfer for Lakeside Cemetery.

524 W. 66th St, Loveland, CO 80538

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