Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Erie

About Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Erie

The Town obtained ownership of some of the Cemetery property on June 20, 1881 when the St. Louis and Denver Land and Mining Company deeded it the to the Town. If you read the deed, in the legal description it says “The boundary lines are due north, south, east and west on and surrounding the present site now being used as a Burying Yard or Cemetery for the inhabitants of Erie and vicinity. How long it had been a burial yard prior to 1881 is not known at this time.

This is the oldest historic place still standing in Erie. Mount Pleasant Cemetery has both local and regional historic significance. The cemetery is a tangible link with the past, and a place that is sacred and significant. As you walk through Mount Pleasant you will see many different types of monuments and plots. These historic markers provide us with some of the earliest written local history. The Headstones reveal names and dates for locally significant persons as well as provide valuable information to those interested in their family histories.

There are approximately 1,300 burials with over 300 unmarked graves. Many of the original markers were made of wood and have worn away. There are approximately 1,400 spaces still available.

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