Kane Flat Marker

Single Flat Grave Marker

Flat Grave Markers are always flat across the ground and generally span the width of the burial plot. Sometimes these memorials are buried to sit flush with the ground and others sit on top, this usually depends on the cemetery’s guidelines. 

Single flat headstones honor one person and tend to be easier to personalize. Many stones, like the one featured, will carry a unique epitaph which can be a quote or simply a loving message. 

Table of Contents

1. Bouck Single Flat Monument Design
2. Questions to help you design a single flat grave marker

Bouck Flat Marker

Bouck Single Flat Monument Design

The Bouck Flat Monument is a personalized reminder of Morgan’s favorite place and activity. The 3D engraving on this monument will last for many years and hold Morgan’s legacy firmly in place. 

This stone also boasts a traditional inscription. This memorial gives a small insight into who Morgan was but also tells a compelling story. 

Questions to help you design a grave marker

  • What was their favorite color? – We likely have a granite color option that will suit them nicely.
  • What did they most like to do while living? – We can incorporate a vast number of memorial scenes to help tell their story.
  • Did they have a favorite flower? – We can carve just about any 3-dimensional bouquet they might have fancied.
  • Did they have a particular place that they called home? – Some of our nature scenes can be adapted to any landscape they used to roam.
  • Did they have an animal that most represented them? – With our laser etching techniques, even the finest details of the lion’s mane can be seen from afar.
  • Was there something big that they accomplished in life? – Military Medals and other awards can all accolades can all be used to help tell their story.

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Granite Color Choices

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