Gonzales Dual Bench Memorial

Upright Grave Marker

An Upright Grave Marker is a common headstone choice but the ways they can be personalized are numerous. From simple text with images to multiple engraving techniques and full landscapes, your loved one will be remembered forever. 

The personalization that can be given on this larger design is limitless. Even the shape of an upright grave marker can be unique to honor your loved one. 

In this article, we will bring you some unique designs to open more design possibilities. All the while, helping you narrow down exactly how your monument will look. 


Upright Grave Marker Overall Design

Our Suckla Upright Grave Marker employs many design techniques that are all personalizable. This upright stone has a bench and vase added which makes the design more inviting for grieving family members to stay awhile. The grave marker has a beautiful scene etched into it, likely these companion’s favorite place. The headstone is bordered in the rock pitch finish which gives it a more natural look. 

With so many choices we have yet to use the same design twice. Each piece speaks volumes to the character of those being honored. 

Suckla Bench and Upright
Jordan Heart Shaped Bench Monument

Companion Upright Grave Marker 

When companions choose to be buried next to one another, their design choices grow exponentially. With two plots so close to each other, the monument that can be created can be much larger and grander. 

Usually, these headstones are built for a couple so their wedding date will be memorialized along with their birth and death dates. These types of monuments are just another testament to the love they shared and which lives on in their family. 

Granite Color Choices

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